Create your own products quick and easily with reasonable prices 
This volume was created for all persons who wish to learn about graphics, creating their own projects in 

the quickest way at a reasonable cost.

If you are an influencer, a freelancer or you need to create scholastic or work projects, these carefully categorized packs are accurately selected so as to help you save time and money. The outdated method of creating your own project focused on reconstructing one piece at a time, which consumed time and energy that you could have invested in other projects or methods.

You would also be met with the challenge of paying agencies exorbitant amounts of money, only because 3D models were too curated for the aesthetic aspect of colors.

As you know, the majority of acquirable pieces that are already colored, need to be re-colorized from scratch for many different reasons.

Some of these reasons include; incorrect reflection of light, the colorization isn’t compatible with the type of scene it is utilized in, or it can need a stamp that doesn’t require any specific coloration. This is why these volumes were created for the purpose of reducing the cost almost 90%, bringing it to a value equal to $2.99 (not discounted) per piece.


This is thanks to the capacity of our experts who worked to create 3D components in the most economical way possible, while still maintaining the utmost quality for each final product. 


Furthermore, all of the products included in the box can be seen one by one on the package’s page. 


Just a reminder for those passionate about 3D printing: If you purchase this product, please carefully evaluate the limits of the 3D printer you will be using. 


To purchase, you just need to click “Add to Cart”. 


Once purchased, the product will be automatically downloaded in 1 or more zip files, containing 
all of the separated objects with the given licensing information.

Windows v1

$299.00 Regular Price
$29.90Sale Price
  • The OBJ file is compatible with the majority of 3D and graphic design programs. 
    For security, remember to check if the programs you will be using, are compatible with OBJ files.

    This confirmation can be made even through a quick search on forum, google, or asking for more information directly of the support page of the creating company of your program. 

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